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Interview with Ben James from TTSMeet the Author: Ben James from TTS

Interview with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Author Ben James from TTS

1. Hi Ben, tell us about yourself; who are you, what are your interests and how did you become a Community Courseware publisher?

I got into the whole course authoring thing as a logical progression from being an advocate for the Microsoft Learning community. Also, being an MCT for 10 years and being involved in Dynamics projects out in the field, meant I could come in with a ‘real world’ understanding of what students want when it comes to tech training.

I founded TTS ( back in 2006, a Microsoft Partner that specializes Microsoft Business Application managed services. Back then TTS was a Learning Partner organization which enabled me to build a foundation for the learning experiences we are producing today.

2. What is important to know about your latest course updates?

Our courses are made up of two components, traditional courseware and an interactive lab experience hosted on the ‘Learn On Demand’ platform. Both compliment each other and can be delivered in traditional classroom environments or virtual cloud delivery.

Our latest updates have seen us integrate further into the ‘Learn On Demand’ platform, making virtual and on demand delivery of our courses easier for providers and students.

We will also be releasing multiple updates over the next 12 months as Microsoft evolves their Business Applications strategy.

3. How can students benefit from taking the 55242AC | Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration?

It’s an exciting time to be involved in Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Business Applications as a whole. The Dynamics 35 business grew 65% for Microsoft in the first quarter of 2018.

Employers are looking for quality candidates with Dynamics 365 experience to work on the next wave of projects.

55242 provides candidates with the necessary skills to customize, configure and support a Dynamics 365 deployment. In addition, all of the course objectives map directly to the Microsoft Exam criteria. This is one of our most popular courses.

4. What are TTS’s value propositions?

We create the latest ‘hands on’ interactive courses where the student conducts real world scenarios authored by real world industry Microsoft Certified Trainers delivered in a classroom or virtual environment.

(There are too many courses that are just prerecorded videos and static content – we can all use YouTube)

5. Who is the target audience/role for your courseware? What will they be able to do when they return to their jobs?

Information workers, Power User, Technical and Developers. The 55242 course acts as a prerequisite to our technical and developer courses.

6. How would you market these courses if you were a Microsoft Learning Partner?

We have seen Partners who commit to our courses and labs can take advantage of a strong revenue stream. Classes can be marketed as traditional classroom (local) or virtual (global).

The added benefit to Microsoft Partners is that we look after the Lab Environment for them as a managed service. Partners can concentrate on running their business without the need to worry about the next Microsoft update.

7. Is this course SATV eligible?


8. Is there anything worth mentioning/sharing from TTS?

Yes. We’re not stopping at Dynamics 365. As Microsoft evolves their Business Applications strategy we will be producing complimenting courses that focus on the cutting edge.

So, watch this space. You can expect a lot more from us in the near future.